Dear __________,

The distant expression on your face
Sunshine glistening through the window pane
Forced to expose the words hidden in your throat
Sharing your history with a complete stranger
Having enough courage to let the cat out of the bag
Wrapped in a blanket of uneasiness
Strong enough to carry this weight
Yet content with leaving the past behind
Trying not to break your focus
Eyes straight ahead staring into my soul
Carefully choosing each word
Debating who was right and who was wrong
Given the mind of a warrior
Trapped with the heart of a romantic
Hardened by the cruel outside world
A gentleman’s soul thriving on the inside
Feeding me the idea of love
Only to be left starving with the reality of loneliness
Searching for the answers
To questions that grow with each generation
New to the world of words
Attempting to escape the mold set for you
Surrounded by an aura of struggle
Desperately clawing your way to number one
The dark past of mystery you presented
Leaves the light to emerge through you
Your voice fades away
Spotlight passes on to your right
Unmasking yourself so quickly
Creating the opportunity for me to share your vision
Bonding two unlikely people together
Left to carry pieces of each other forever.


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