The Buzzing in My Ear

It’s strange when you realize how dependent you are on technology

That inexpressible need for some noise, any noise to fill the void

To prevent your thoughts from actually taking over with no escape

No volume button to turn it down because they’re done being ignored

The wicked joy of blocking out conversations and disconnection disappear

You are aware of how trapped you are in a world full of complications

A tap of the foot drives you insane and you crave the solitude of a pop song

Nonsensical lyrics swallowing you up so you don’t have to face reality

Figuring out where the beat drops and you turn an innocent cheek

Away from the face moments from tears, opposite the aching cough

Then you start to wonder, how did you not really see the world until now?

Epiphanies may not be spouting out everywhere but you can feel something different

If you hadn’t forgot your device this morning, would you even care?

Would you mind that the screen cuts you off from everyone else around you

But this separation is okay because you are not the only one

You are a part of the connected world but the cord only stretches so far

This terrifying silence is the only way to hear yourself

No machine is going to make your problems go away past the song duration

The distraction is momentarily fulfilling, ending up in the place you just discovered

Where your thought isn’t cut short because of a dead battery

Creating an infinite amount of time to think about what you’ve been avoiding

It may not solve it, it may not make things better, but it’s in the light now

The bass will no longer diminish it and the guitar solo won’t fade it out

Whether it was by accident or intentional, you will recognize the sound

This solitude that made you aware of how fast you are breathing

Reminding you of everything you are stalling for

Forcing you to realize that is no longer an option for you

An individual’s mind can say so much more than any album download could

Accepting the fear, the anxiety, the realness of it all is only possible here

In this place where no one can hear your worry or doubts about tomorrow

It’s amazing what could happen when you take the time to listen to yourself

Finding the knowledge to utilize today or disregard it at the sight of fully charged.


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