Welcome Back Elizabeth

They are unable to stop the flow, just go with it

Ducks bobbing in and out of consciousness

Fast ripples, carrying away everything I love

Everything seems so empty and dead now

This is not the place full of gleeful memories

The leaves have all cracked under the pressure

Proving the weight of friendship to be too great

Before the waves died down

I willingly jumped into the unknown

She swallowed me whole

Never leaving any suspicion of separation

Swimming into your deepest parts

Feeling the wet release when you invited me in

Your cold shoulder always turned to warm embrace

The intertwining was inevitable

Land no longer having the same appeal

Craving the comfort of liquid solitude

Discovering new lengths with each dive

Seeing how far you would let me go

Showing me all your imperfections

Algae covered rocks and forgotten flip flops at your core

Others did not agree with our union

Clouds in the sky, ducks taking up the spots where I belonged

The intensity of it all became too much to bear

Feeling you push me away with each stroke forward

Winter came and I thought you would wait for me

But you had other plans

Boats came while I was gone

Splashing, lulling you into the comfort of their motion

My dog paddle no longer satisfied you

There was an unspoken desire

A need for something more

You let the fishes out on me more than once

Taking snaps at me, dragging a chunk away each time

There was no hope in stopping the boats

One versus all was never quite fair

Resistance builds with each sight of you

Fighting the urge to jump back into your fresh water arms

Sun casting sparkles on your surface

Creating the facade of innocence I fell for

Never get too attached to the water

It never stays in one place


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