Don’t Come Back for Me

It’s some kind of memory lapse
that only seems to creep in with the darkness.
The shades are open with no
one to absorb the sunlight crashing through.
I still wait for the shuffling across the dirty
tiles. Worse than a bad dream,
at least eyelids can break that curse. Pictures
on the wall have never held so much weight.
This home has become nothing more than
paper thin walls, they have seen too much.
Do you still hear the goodnights that fall
against my bedroom door? Broken hearts
steal unmade memories, chances gone.
Days spent in silence separated by our own
wills. Deafening thoughts have taken over,
never known how to deal with the lonely case.
Breaths taken away, the beating ceased
instantly. Reunited with those left behind
in fancy colored frames on old coffee tables.
Whispers of love escaped your lips while misery
raged on with cries through your veins.
Waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel,
yet nothing. Mundane things flee from the forefront,
grasping for them whenever the tears roll in.
They choose when to fall, sinking feeling just
a formality. Recount the times hands touched, the sticky
drips from discount popsicles. No stars
to cast empty wishes upon, the black sky
takes over every minute that drags on. It will
pass, that’s what their mouths spit out. Genuine
smiles feel like a distant memory, the plastic
wearing thin on the all too familiar mask. We
said the last time was the last time, you didn’t
uphold your end of the bargain. Momentary
glimpses of the years that meant nothing last
week, draining past hope into an empty
puddle. Not quite a shell, empty enough to
wallow in it. Beyond understanding, making
sense of what was impossible. Remember
my face, screaming louder to avoid forgetting
at all. Battle lines drawn, crowns passed
all around. Peace is all that’s left.


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