Let’s Talk Books – “The Lover’s Dictionary” a novel by David Levithan

A photo of my copy of "The Lover's Dictionary" by David Levithan beside my Ipod.
A photo of my copy of “The Lover’s Dictionary” by David Levithan beside my Ipod.

Date Published: January 17, 2012 / 2011
Category: Fiction, Couples Fiction
Rating: 5/5

This is the first book I have ever read by David Levithan and this will be my first book review put out in the world. It is the story of a couple who has been dating for two years and their relationship is told through dictionary entries. With varying length, it is defined as a quick-read although the pure emotion makes the novel incredibly deep.

The depth is what made the book so amazing from start to finish. I have read “dictionary” pieces before but this is the first time that it was novel length and each entry is powerful. You don’t need the characters to be defined with names because of how well their relationship is developed. The perils of online dating, passion, and insecurity from a male’s point of view was so inspiring because it gave “her” a sense of control while also developing the narrator. Some of my favorite excerpts were: corrode, flux, hiatus, and punctuate.

I loved that although we are getting a glimpse of their lives together, there is still so much up to interpretation or experience. His shyness is relatable if you have ever been afraid to act on your attraction as well as the risks involved when in love. If I were to point out a flaw in this novel, it would be that there is a necessity to either love the dictionary format and/or have been somewhat involved with another person. Many of the excerpts are relatable (fights, dinner dates, etc.) on a grand scale but I felt a stronger connection because I have actually been through those things. Yes a lot of reading is up to interpretation/imagination for things you have never experienced, I’m just attempted to view from the other side if you will.

I’m so intrigued by how intentional each fragment was and would love to weave together a story like this. Well, a better story in this format considering I posted something like this many months ago. Although the central theme is love, there are so many other emotions at play to create a beautiful well-written story. “The Lover’s Dictionary” deserves a perfect rating because it had me invested in the couple’s dynamic and left me questioning aspects of my own relationship. An impactful novel should allow you to reflect on your own life and Levithan accomplishes this beautifully.
Thank you for reading my first review!


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